Teams Remediation / Cleanup: 4-Wk Implementation

Centric Consulting, LLC

A review, assessment and corrective action plan to clean up an uncontrolled Teams deployment, leveraging a third party product called Orchestry.

The Microsoft Teams Remediation engagement helps organizations get a handle on their Microsoft Teams, understand their content, stop sprawl, and restart the process of teams and SharePoint site requests through a controlled and flexible process using Orchestry. This offering also helps gain an understanding of what teams and SharePoint sites they already have and then help clean-up teams and sites, and enforcing organizational standards. Outcomes/Deliverables:

  • Workspace Directory: Installation of the Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online workspace directory and roll out across the organization. The workspace directory provides complete visibility on all Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online sites in a simple, yet powerful interface that helps visualize, manage, and operate the organization’s teams and sites.
  • Installation: Installation and configuration of the Orchestry Application and made available to either the entire organization or a subset, depending on the organization’s desires.
  • Workspaces: Two custom and standard workspaces fully configured including Microsoft Teams / SharePoint Online templates, naming conventions, governance rules and customized metadata for the organization.
  • Remediation: Analysis and categorization of existing teams or SharePoint sites to help understand usage and identify teams or SharePoint sites for archival or deletion. A framework will be provided to assist in cleanup and remediation of teams and sites.
  • Knowledge Base: Access to the Orchestry knowledge base for training materials and support to assist in configuring, managing, and operating the tools.
  • Training: Basic training for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online administrators on how to configure and update Orchestry templates, workspace directory configuration and general Orchestry usage. End user training materials for Workspace usage can also be provided.

The estimated cost will depend on how much training and training materials are needed for the organization.