Microsoft Teams Adoption: 3-Wk - Implementation

Sirius Computer Solutions

Microsoft Teams lets employees chat, meet, call and collaborate from a single application regardless of where they are physically located, so you can keep your team engaged, connected and secure.

COVID-19 has shown the value of being able to provide collaborative experiences no matter where users are working. Does your organization have access to reliable collaboration and videoconferencing tools? Using a unified platform such as Microsoft Teams can help manage new work situations such as remote work, reduced in-person interactions, and shift of resources online.

Microsoft Teams lets employees chat, meet, call, and collaborate from a single application regardless of where they are physically, to help keep your team engaged, connected, and secure.

Microsoft Teams enables organizations to:
  • Elevate remote productivity by streamlining business processes
  • Improve communication by hosting meetings, group events, or larger virtual conferences with employees or external guests
  • Ensure seamless, consistent experiences to help reduce costs and risks by consolidating to one platform
  • Empower security teams to coordinate protection, detection, response, and prevention with a single solution
  • Ensure compliance and governance throughout the organization
  • Drive workplace collaboration through one digital hub where teams can meet, call, and chat
    • Microsoft Teams enables instant conversations between members of your staff or guests outside your organization. Users can also make phone calls, host meetings, and share files
  • Get on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, file sharing, and more.

Sirius/MessageOps can deliver a Microsoft Teams Phone System Readiness Assessment to help successfully integrate this powerful telephony solution into your existing environment. If your organization is already invested in another voice platform but is still interested in taking advantage of the calling flexibility offered by Teams, we can plan, design, and implement a solution that integrates the best of Microsoft Teams with nearly all of the mainline enterprise telephony platforms.