Copilot for Microsoft 365-Security Readiness Assessment: 4 Weeks - Click2Cloud


Evaluate your security posture with Click2Cloud’ s Copilot Security Readiness Assessment for de-risk Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption.

Organizations face challenges in adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot, especially in ensuring security and compliance. Maintaining consistent controls and policies is crucial. Failure to address these issues prevents organizations from fully leveraging benefits and poses significant risks.

Click2Cloud offers a Security Assessment for Microsoft 365 Copilot that concentrates on identity and data protection components. This assessment helps prevent unauthorized access and data exfiltration.

The Readiness engagement focuses on managing Identity and Access Management controls in Microsoft 365 Copilot to protect, monitor, and control access.

We collect data from your Microsoft 365 portal, assess Zero Trust maturity through a questionnaire, and establish foundations for enhanced cybersecurity, protecting and governing data within Microsoft 365 Copilot.

We analyze Security Scores to provide visibility across your environment, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Also, assist in selecting the appropriate license to enhance your Copilot experience.

You will get a Summary Report featuring:

• Sensitive Data Overview

• Apps/Licensing Readiness Assessment

• Security Score Analysis

• Zero Trust Maturity Score Evaluation

• AI Business Case Recommendations

• Roadmap for Seamless Copilot Deployment

Ready to conduct your Security Readiness Assessment for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption? Get started today with Click2Cloud!