Cloudforwork Viva Topics - 6 weeks Implementation

Cloud for Work

The goal of this offer is to provide you with all services that you need around Microsoft Viva Topics to turn content into usable knowledge, organize it into topic pages and make it easy to use

Cloud For Work can help you through all of the following phases in your Microsoft Viva Topics Journey:

  • Plan : Identify and prioritize Viva Topics scenarios and Knowledge management metrics, high priority topics and source sites to mine for topics Assess knowledge culture and help build curation model Plan awareness and role enablement activity and Early Adoption program (EAP)  Setup and configure tenant, permissions, topic identification and help kick start topic curation

-Implement: Launch awareness campaign and KM role enablement activity Implement EAP and monitor via reporting to review impact of EAP program Reporting of impact via business value, usage, internal success stories Identify improvement with feature requests and update launch plans

  • Measure: Expand management of topics across independent business units Develop broader crowd-sourcing plan for topics and prioritization for curation activities for e.g., impressions and quality scores Drive adoption and change management initiative to realize the value of your investment in Viva Topics