Microsoft Sentinel Security Consulting Service

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Microsoft Sentinel Consulting Services offers tailored expertise to strengthen and simplify your security environment using cutting-edge technology from Microsoft.

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Sentinel with our expert consulting services. Our team specializes in designing and implementing robust security solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We ensure a swift and efficient deployment of Microsoft Sentinel, maximizing your investment in Microsoft’s advanced security technologies.

Our consulting services for Microsoft Sentinel significantly enhance Microsoft 365 by tailoring security solutions to each business's unique needs. Here's how:

Efficient Deployment Quickly integrating Microsoft Sentinel with Microsoft 365 accelerates threat detection and response, making the entire suite more secure.

Customized Security Our tailored deployments and comprehensive security analyses ensure Microsoft 365's security features are maximized, directly addressing specific organizational threats and enhancing security posture.

Cost-effective Optimization By deploying alert rules, configuring playbooks, and optimizing log ingestion, we extend Microsoft 365's capabilities in a cost-effective manner. Our expertise as a 20+ years integration company, enables us to reduce Sentinel log ingestion costs significantly, providing both immediate and long-term financial benefits.

Empowerment Through Knowledge We equip teams with the knowledge to evolve their security solutions, ensuring Microsoft 365's defenses remain robust against emerging threats.

Outcome Businesses benefit from enhanced security, reduced costs, and more efficient operations within their Microsoft 365 environment. Our service ensures that Microsoft 365's advanced security technologies are fully leveraged, aligning tools with business performance needs and staying ahead of evolving threats.

In essence, our Microsoft Sentinel consulting services empower businesses to strengthen defenses and maximize the security and efficiency of Microsoft 365, ensuring a fortified and responsive security posture.

Services Offered:

  • Provisioning and Setup: Quick and reliable setup of Microsoft Sentinel, including onboarding of log sources and integration with existing security infrastructure.
  • Security Analysis: Comprehensive review of Azure consumption per log source, identification of additional valuable log sources, and integration with other security products.
  • Use Case Configuration: Deployment of Sentinel alert rules, configuration of playbooks, dashboards, and log parsers to enhance your security posture.
  • Optimization Tune-up: Regular optimization of log ingestion, alert rules, and overall performance to ensure cost-effective and efficient operation.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Empower your team with the knowledge to maintain and evolve your security solutions through our extensive knowledge transfer process.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience: Many successful Microsoft Sentinel deployments globally.
  • Customization: More than 50 customized data connectors and a rich KQL Alert Rule Library at your disposal.
  • Cost Reduction: An average reduction of 40%-45% in Microsoft Sentinel log ingestion costs.
  • Expertise:  A Microsoft Partner with a deep understanding of Microsoft security technologies.

Outcome: With our consulting services, you’ll experience enhanced security, reduced costs, and a more efficient security operation. Let us help you make your tools match the performance of your business.

Get Started Today Empower your security team with Microsoft Sentinel Consulting Services. Strengthen your defenses, streamline operations, and stay ahead of evolving threats.