Microsoft Teams Governance-Implementation-1 Week

DynTek Inc.

Enhance the Security, Oversight and Control of Your Microsoft Teams Environment

DynTek's Microsoft Teams Governance through Automation implementation helps you streamline the oversight of your Microsoft Teams environment and eliminate sprawl. Our professional services team will help you optimize your governance workflow process by automating time-consuming manual tasks like approving new sites, collecting data on unused sites, ensuring consistent naming conventions, uncovering governance violations, creating reports, and assigning tasks related to your governance program.

Deliverables include: DynTek's experts will help you address security and operational concerns by establishing a strong governance structure that includes:

  1. Addressing regulations you have to follow that dictate you governance model such as HIPAA, CJIS, CEII, NIST
  2. Advancements in the Microsoft 365 tenants related to compliance scoring and tracking
  3. Strategies to review business problems such as password policy, keeping financial data encrypted and limiting external sharing to approved use cases
  4. Approval paths
  5. Naming conventions
  6. Overall Teams standardization