Microsoft Endpoint Management: 5-Day Proof of Concept

Egroup, Inc.

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. Microsoft Endpoint Management Proof of Concept will allow you to modernize your endpoint management as part of an overall device management strategy.

The goal of eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC's Microsoft Endpoint Management Proof of Concept is to provide increased security, reduced management effort, and a better end user experience by leveraging Microsoft cloud managed endpoints with Microsoft Intune, Endpoint Manager, and Autopilot. The primary goals of this engagement are as follows:

- Secure, control, and manage company owned and BYOD devices with Microsoft Intune
- Provide auto-enrollment by the end user or the IT team using Microsoft Autopilot
- Secure corporate devices and application access with Entra AD Conditional Access policies
- Deploy and Manage applications with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The agenda for the Microsoft Endpoint Management Proof of Concept is as follows:
- Day 1 & 2: Assess and Design the Modern Desktop Experience
- Day 3 & 4: Configure Microsoft Autopilot and Intune
- Day 5: Knowledge Transfer and Documentation

At the conclusion of this Proof of Concept you will have a working pilot configuration for devices using Microsoft Intune capable of supporting use cases for the Modern Desktop Experience initiatives.