Business Applications: Role Based Messaging: 1/2 Wk Implementation

Engage Squared

Role-Based Messaging is a Microsoft Team application that allows medical users to quickly and easily roster, and request on-call medical staff members.

Built as a Microsoft Teams application and centrally hosted in Azure as an Azure Application Service, Role-Based Messaging provides members of frontline teams the ability to engage resources by role type, reducing time taken to get to a patient and provide them with the care that they need.

Role-Based Messaging allows medical staff to be rostered on as on-call for a shift and requested by any other staff member via their desktop or laptop computer when there is an emergency. By shifting the focus of on-call requesting away from individual staff members to their roles, staff can directly request and contact someone with the correct role, bypassing the complex and inefficient switchboard. Staff are instantly notified of these requests through Microsoft Teams, allowing them to respond quickly to an emergency.

Over a period of 2 weeks, we’ll help you deploy Role-Based Messaging by:

Reviewing your existing environment: We’ll spend some time upfront reviewing your existing environment, understanding your requirements and mapping your needs to the application's features

Completing testing & UAT: Using the insights gathered from our planning phase, we’ll move into deployment, this includes developing the solution package, refining any issues, completing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and providing

Providing go-live support: We’ll work closely with your team to test and resolve identified issues or friction in the user experience. We’ll also train your team to ensure a high level of adoption from the get-go