Office 365 Managment: 1 Day Assessment

Eze Castle Integration

ECI will review your Office 365 Tennant Configuration and suggest on-going managment needs

The purpose of this assessment is for ECI to review your Microsoft 365 needs, assess your current set up if you have one, then deliver a proposal for on-going support of the environment for your business.

We will use methodology built around the concept of Modern Workplace, Collaboration and Communication and mapping current use to and desired state, and leave you with a plan to fully adopt Microsoft 365 within your business leveraging the benefits of working securely from anywhere on any device. This will enrich and empower your employees improving productivity and satisfaction.

Engagement Steps: -Introduction: Clearly define the process -Access: Securely Access Environment -Discovery: Perform our assessment -Review: Compile our findings -Deliver report: Discuss options and protentional solutions

Experts in the regulated financial services and alternative investment market, we'll ensure to manage the areas of the environment that would fall within the clients responsibility with the SaaS shared responsibility model.