Teams Governance and Adoption: 5-day Assessment

Habanero Consulting Inc.

This offer is targeted to companies that wish to fine-tune their adoption support strategy, Governance model and underlying technical configuration.


Now more than ever, companies are looking to fine-tune both their adoption support services and their underlying Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Governance model. This 5-day assessment is a short and tactical engagement that helps you bring all the issues and challenges to the table, review industry best practices, and assess where changes may be required to deliver a more optimal result for end-users and a scalable and streamlined system for IT.

What's included?

Kick-off and onboarding

  • Review key activities, resources required and target timeframe
  • Business orientation and introduction to key stakeholders
  • Background context captured through a questionnaire

Current state review

  • Understand the current usage and maturity across Microsoft 365
  • Understand which controls and measures are in place today
  • Understand what is working and what is not
  • Review roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the initial gaps existing between current and intended state

Governance planning

  • Review best practices for Governance
  • Identify course of action to remediate issues
  • Recommend staffing model changes to effectively support the Microsoft 365 platform and adoption support services required
  • Develop a recommended RACI model and governance committee


  • All recommendations will be documented and reviewed

Outcome / deliverables

The main outcome and service deliverable is a recommendation around key areas of governance and adoption services to evolve and a plan for closing the gap.