Teams App and Solutions: 4-Wk Implementation

Habanero Consulting Inc.

Leverage agile development sprints to quickly build and implement your custom Teams App with Habanero.

More than just a collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams can also serve as a platform for integrating with line-of-business applications, for building custom applications, and for extending low code automation experiences.

What's included?

During an implementation engagement, Habanero will provide professional services to fully design, deploy, or develop your custom Microsoft Teams solutions through the combination of solution development or integration options available.

Whether you are looking at implementing an already built 3rd party app, or you have unique and bespoke needs that require custom development, this engagement can help you deliver more value by creating new advanced collaboration capabilities.

Cost and duration

This engagement cost is estimated based on a targeted 4-week engagement scenario, but could vary depending on the underlying scope, duration or total effort required.

Deliverables / outcomes:

  • The primary outcome of this engagement is a POC or functional MVP release of the Teams App solution in production
  • Solution design documentation
  • Source code
  • Configuration guide

Note: This engagement is intended to be agile in nature, and deliverables may be adjusted to focus on the areas of highest value.