Microsoft Intune (Windows): 1-Wk Proof of Concept


Map the use cases for, and benefits of, Intune all-up for endpoint management, and learn how to modernize your approach to endpoint management at cloud-scale.

Value proposition

This offering is designed for customers taking either their first steps in exploring the use cases for, and benefits of, Microsoft Intune all-up (formerly Microsoft Endpoint Manager), or for customers that have already started their endpoint management modernization journey to the "North Star" of enabling a cloud-powered and scalable solution for hybrid work. The Good-Better-Best approach to operationalization enables organizations to rapidly consume the entire journey, or to incrementally consume over time to meet budgetary and organizational change management needs.

Eligible workloads
  • *Microsoft 365 E3 / E5
  • Windows / *Windows 365
  • *Microsoft Intune (formerly Microsoft Endpoint Manager)

Engagement Outcomes

  • Discover endpoint management goals and objectives to support a roadmap
  • Customer endpoint management use cases evaluated in a live environment
  • Accelerate your endpoint management journey
  • Defined next steps based on your needs and objectives

Assessment offers

  • Microsoft funding for Invoke-led Assessment may be available upon request
  • *Invoke-led trial licensing for qualified customers

Invoke scope of delivery

  • Understanding customer's use cases for endpoint management and mapping those use cases to Intune
  • Invoke will setup an Intune Demo Lab to help you explore features and functionalities, test new capabilities, understand modern management enhancements, explore deployment options and evaluate infrastructure dependencies
  • Collaborate on activities over Microsoft Teams