Planner Migration: 2-Week Implementation


Migrate Microsoft 365 Planner plans between tenants with all details like task, assignment, comments etc without loosing any information using our expert consulting service and implementation.

JiJi Technologies offers Planner migration service between tenants through it's in house solution Apps4.Pro Migration Manager.

By completing our 2 -week engagement, you can expect the following.

  • Identify and assessment of the customer's Planner migration requirements.
  • Identify the technical requirements to complete the migrate the during the 1st first week of engagement.
  • Execution of a PoC (Proof of Concept) migration during 1st first week of engagement to build customer confidence and make sure how the actual migrated Planner plans look in the target.
  • Creation of communication plan for end users impact during the migration.
  • Mapping source and target tenant users, groups and plans. If required, perform group clean up / rename / merge.
  • Execute the Planner migration.
  • Post migration quality check.
  • Migration closure report to the customer.

Following are migrated during the Planner migration process.

  • Group Creation
  • Plan Creation
  • Group and Plan Membership
  • Plan Settings
  • Buckets
  • Tasks, Task Title
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Progress, Start and Due dates
  • Description and Checklist
  • User Assignments and Applied Labels

We also support Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration scenarios. The mentioned cost is for implementation only and will vary depending upon the business requirements, cost of migration tools will be separate.