Microsoft Teams Governance 5-Day Assessment

Kiefer Consulting

Organizations that deployed Teams without guidance at the beginning of the pandemic have been using Teams for over a year and they have may be experiencing issues related to abandoned Teams, confusion

Microsoft Teams has a lot of potential, and some may even argue that Teams is the best collaboration and communication tool that is available to a remote worker. The ability to share information and collaborate is critical and no other tool in the market is as elegant in delivering this capability. We do understand that control and governance are extremely important to making the dream of Microsoft Teams a reality. We can help you in Microsoft Teams remediation and cleaning up the mess. Our team can help establish policies and controls and build a better future for Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Kiefer starts with an assessment of your current Microsoft Teams environment. Based on information architecture and usage, we can come to some quick conclusions and determine a logical path forward. Services we provide in our 5-day engagement include:

Day 1: Assessment of environment and the documentation of Teams/SharePoint sprawl - Identify Team sites or channels with low (or no) usage

Day 2: Understand the current provisioning process Review content stored in Teams

Day 3: Strategy for removing abandoned and/or duplicated Teams Increase end-user adoption and satisfaction with Teams/SharePoint

Day 4: Provide guidance for site provisioning, lifecycle management and archiving Assist is developing policies for site naming,

Day 5: Assist in establishing governance and permissions Review available tools that will allow for automated governance

Deliverable: Kiefer will document recommendations based on our findings and share best-practices for deploying Teams with governance and policies in place.