Modern Intranet Deployment: 3-Week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

KiZAN’s Modern Intranet 3-Week Implementation incorporates the native capabilities of SharePoint in ready to use, cost-effective packages

Pain-free SharePoint Intranet implementations

SharePoint provides the functionality to address many business needs. However, addressing the needs of multiple business units can quickly add complexity, time, and cost to a project and hinder user adoption. When time and resources are at a premium, organizations must find ways to deliver necessary functionality while removing cost overruns and delays.

Built on the SharePoint Modern Communication Sites, KiZAN offers five starter concepts to quickly design and deploy your custom intranet. Our modern intranet site designs incorporate the native capabilities of SharePoint in ready to use, cost-effective packages and provide an easy to maintain platform for communicating company initiatives, news, announcements, policies, and procedures.

The Modern Intranet Deployment: 3-Week Implementation will deliver a custom intranet on SharePoint. KiZAN will provide training on the native capabilities of SharePoint, design a creative UI/UX, and support technical staff with training and mentoring. The outcome will be a fully deployed intranet with a creative design that will be simple to use and easy to navigate.

  • Takes full advantage of “out of the box” functionality
  • Delivers attractive and intuitive design
  • Engages your business users with the right level of training, mentoring, and support so they understand the value of the solution
  • Leverages KiZAN SharePoint Apps to meet common intranet needs

Deliverable: Fully deployed modern intranet site featuring

  • Alert bar
  • Footer
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Links
  • Zone color