MatchView 3.0: Campaign, Procurement & Inventory Management Solution

Latentview Analytics Corporation

MatchView is a scalable end-to-end automated design-of-experiments platform to identify effective test & control groups and perform post campaign analytics

Business Problem - Large scale product driven organizations do product display campaigns by partnering with retailers to promote their products. In this process, below are some of the key stages which needs to be operationalized

  1. Among the thousands of stores active, campaign managers identify a select set of stores for their display campaigns
  2. Once the stores are identified, fixture designs and products to be displayed are finalized
  3. Post the fixture and product finalization, procurement of those happens 4.When the items and products are received, installation happens and the campaign begins. Once the campaigns are live, significance and lift are calculated and the entire exercise is repeated for the next set of stores

Objective & Pain Points - The objective is to build an end-to-end scalable Point of Sales Campaign, Procurement & Inventory Management one stop solution that addresses the below pain points

  1. Identifying stores for the campaigns was happening independently and involved lot of manual ad-hoc efforts. This exercise was highly repetitive and was taking too much time which delayed the GTM
  2. Performance of the campaigns were not tracked live and involved a reporting layer which had a lag in getting updated data
  3. For finalizing fixture designs, uploading images were a critical need and business users had a separate process and application to do that alone
  4. Procurement and Inventory management was happening in different applications and were siloed out The entire executive summary was presented via multiple dashboards and it was not available in a single place

LatentView developed an end-to-end solution that integrated the below 3 layers into one solution

  1. Store Identification & Campaign Measurement - The first layer helped business to identify target stores for campaign and also had measurement layer integrated to understand the incremental lift in KPI’s to study the effectiveness of the campaigns
  2. Procurement & Inventory Management - The second layer assisted stakeholders to upload images for finalizing the designs and had a procurement portal for ordering fixture components along with inventory management abilities
  3. Executive Summary with Data Interaction - The final layer was a visualization solution integrating executive summary and the ability to interact with the data from the frontend itself