Viva Insights QuickStart: 4wk Implementation


Accelerate your journey to Viva Insights with rapid conclusions into productivity opportunities.

Leveraging Microsoft Viva Insights, Lingaro equips business leaders to respond to workplace disruption, plan recovery, and reimagine their organization to support greater resilience. Building on firsthand experience with Viva Insights, Lingaro's QuickStart service offers a straightforward and quick way to obtain rapid conclusions into productivity opportunities for your organization. This four-week implementation includes:

• Guidance on the setup and configuration of Viva Insights ensuring smooth implementation and communication with key stakeholders. • Discovery of your organization's collaboration patterns • Delivery of actionable insights across three most common business outcomes: transform meeting culture, Develop effective managers and Boost employee engagement • Delivery of actionable key points/intelligence in two other business outcomes of choice • Identification of the biggest opportunity areas, and how to tackle them • Hands-on training, targeted at key user personas

High Level Workplan

• Start: Setup and preparation activities. Microsoft 365 data processing completed • Week 1: Sprint 1 review with initial Insights • Week 2: Sprint 2 review with incremental insights. Interim check-in. • Week 3: Sprint 3 review with incremental insights • Week 4: Final Readout and insights provided

Implementation outcomes Deliverables include a report of findings and recommendations based on best practices applied at other similar organizations and expert hours to solve doubts during and after the implementation

Benefits of the QuickStart service

• Rapid time to value of Viva Insights solution • Flexible approach to deliver actionable key points based on the learnings • Methodological support for Analysts after implementation • Advisory on emerging business challenges