DLP in 30: 6-wk Implementation

Long View Systems

Preserve your data wealth, secure your future with Data Loss Prevention powered by Microsoft Purview

Your data is your organization’s largest asset, so it needs to be protected. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in 30 (powered by Microsoft Purview) offers a unified data governance solution pilot in 30 days to manage your on-premises, hybrid, public cloud, or SaaS solutions, helping detect and prevent data breaches and leaks.

DLP in 30 enables your business to:

  • Know your data is secure across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure regardless of its location
  • Protect your data by applying encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings to prevent against data breaches
  • Prevent data loss by preventing accidental data deletion

  • Expanding on Microsoft 365 services by enabling greater adoption of Purview E5 features, DLP in 30 provides:

    1. An Assessment to understand your current environment deployment and licensing

    2. Documentation of high-level requirements for data loss prevention rules and information protection

    3. A Data Loss Prevention Audit and Pilot including creating up to three (3) out of the box detection policies in audit mode across all users (Credit Card, SIN, etc.)

    4. An Information Protection Policy Pilot including creating a policy to label documents to audit and prevent files with a specific policy condition set from being deleted

    5. Knowledge Sharing on how to investigate, setup, and tune the policies created

    6. Impact Validation from the policies created

    7. Training Workshops for knowledge transfer (2 x 2-hour)

    8. Recommended Next Steps for further deployments or migration