Microsoft Copilot for Edge & Windows (Bing Chat Enterprise) Adoption in 30: 4-Wk Implementation

Long View Systems

Teaches your staff how to use the generative AI tools and supporting applications available to them today in Windows and Browsers and builds a solid user foundation for broader Copilot adoption.

Long View Microsoft Copilot for Edge and Windows (Bing Chat Enterprise) Adoption - when you aren’t ready yet for Microsoft 365 Copilot, but want to start using generative A

This offer consists of four milestones:

1. Conduct up to three discovery workshops to develop up to seven key personas and capture key use cases for generative AI. Workshops include an overview of Microsoft Copilot (Bing Chat Enterprise), and demonstrations of work-related use cases to explain the breadth of capability. This is followed by brainstorming of personas and use cases based on participants roles, job duties, work products and related ideas. The information from these sessions is consolidated into a summary presentation that is reviewed with the project and organization key stakeholders. The client will confirm which of these personas and use cases they want to focus on for deployment.

2. Secondly, we will conduct a Governance workshop to review suggested guidelines, standards and processes for the management and use of Microsoft Copilot within the client organization. It will include determining when and how it is appropriate to use Microsoft Copilot as part of their job. Guidelines around the use of sensitive, controlled and copyrighted information will be included. A set of governance related questions will be reviewed, and a governance summary will be produced that the client can use as part of their organization’s policies and management.

3. The third phase is the creation of an Adoption Plan based on the results of the discovery, including a communication campaign to raise awareness and training plan to enable capabilities with Microsoft Copilot.

  • The communication campaign includes messages for awareness, rollout and reinforcement with on-going tips and tricks
  • The training plan includes 90 minute Microsoft Copilot session including examples based on the use cases captured during the Discovery milestone.

4. The final phase includes preparation and coordination with the client’s technical team to confirm the technical configuration, policies and licensing needed to enable Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Edge for Business and Windows for all targeted staff. It also includes the execution of the Adoption plan, with delivery of the communication messages and two training sessions. The sessions will be recorded and delivered to the client to use for on-demand training.


  • Summary of personas and use cases for the organization for generative AI
  • Governance summary
  • Adoption plan and supporting materials
  • Recordings of training sessions


  • Users gain experience and develop skills with prompting across a broad range of tasks which is a core capability for Microsoft Copilot and the use of any generative AI tool.