Contract Management System - 4 Weeks Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

The contract management system has been developed to track the creation, approvals and analyze different stages for contracts.

The Contract Manager initiates a contract by entering all the details in the system (Power Apps). A notification is then sent to the Contract Reviewers. The reviewer can then assign the contract to the Approver and Sign Off personnel to take the contract to the next stage(s). At each stage, the stakeholder has the ability to accept / reject or send it back to the first stage for clarifications. Approval requests are sent to stakeholders and the app also captures the signature of the stakeholder and saves it in the system. A pdf version of the contract is then generated and it adds the signature and publishes the contract. This marks the end of the contract life cycle and the pdf is sent out to the stakeholders.

Value Addition:

  1. A rich and interactive user interface in the form of a canvas Power Apps application. It automates various manual activities like approvals / notifications at every stage thus eliminating any risk of human error.  
  2. The collaboration between different stakeholders is more structured. The routing in the app ensures that the business process flow is clearly defined and all the stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities. 
  3. The app increases efficiency and enhances productivity as the process is now digitized and users no longer have to rely on their manual document routing and paper-based contracts. 
  4. It converts the approved word document to a signed version of the pdf for quick reference. 
  5. The audit trail of a contract helps to identify the stage at which a contract is pending and facilitates the concerned stakeholder to take necessary action. 
  6. The single common contract repository makes it easier to access/search contracts and reduces administrative work. The app is thus a cost effective and comprehensive solution which streamlines the entire contract life cycle.


· Overview of our Power Platform capabilities, including governance and solution frameworks we offer.

· Detailed analysis of the customers current business process and existing system if any.

· Determining solution which is a best fit to solve the problem in hand.

· A walk through of the complete proposal with the scope of work.

· Customer’s sign off


· Identify the audience for the pilot.

· A technical design and architecture clearly outlined

· Implementation of the MVP to streamline the business process.


· Technical Design document

· Architecture diagram

· Our recommendations for the future.

· App Inventory