Secure Identity Assessment

Managed Solution

Managed Solution to assess the existing Active Directory infrastructure with the goal of developing a roadmap for future identity management and use of additional features within Microsoft365

Managed Solution’s Secure Identity Assessment goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities—it empowers companies to regain control. Our experts delve into the intricate details of your Microsoft 365 licensing, highlighting underutilized services that can strengthen your defenses. By consolidating security services, you can unlock cost savings and create a robust defense against cyber threats.

Delivering best practices for improving security posture:

Comprehensive Assessment Report A detailed document summarizing findings, vulnerabilities, and recommended security improvements tailored to Microsoft technologies.

Current Security Snapshot A clear overview of your current Microsoft security infrastructure, so you can understand where you stand.

Prioritized List of Risks A ranked list of risks, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses, so you can address the most critical issues first.

Security Roadmap A roadmap with clear steps for enhancing security, configuring systems, and adopting best practices in your Microsoft environment.

Compliance Benchmark Report An evaluation of your compliance with industry standards and regulations that apply to Microsoft technologies.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery Plan Recommendations for improving your incident response and disaster recovery plan.

The main goal of this assessment is to have an identity management solution and to serve as the backing of a future Microsoft 365 integration.