Viva Insights 3-Hour Assessment


Empowering employees and their teams to drive your organization’s success

Our team of experts will work with your organization to introduce Viva Insights leading practices and opportunities for your leadership team to leverage data-driven visibility and insights into how work patterns improve well-being, productivity, retention, and business performance.

Neudesic offers a full suite of Viva services to empower organizations with the behavioral and performance outcome data that they need to improve performance and maximize the return on your Viva Insights investment.


•Assessment & Goals
•Data Grooming & Integration
•Set-Up & Template Adoption
•Advanced Services/Use Cases

•Personalized recommendations to create cultures where people and business can thrive
•Identify best practices and insight focus areas into collaboration behaviors to drive workforce effectiveness, employee engagement, hybrid working models, retention, and business results
•Roadmap and value drivers for moving forward with Viva Insights refinement and optimization