Neway Hosted Direct Routing - 1 week POC

NeWay Technologies Ltd

Learn how to use direct routing phone system calling services on Microsoft Teams. The solution provides outbound and inbound calls from all Teams devices.

As Cloud services are becoming more popular from day to day, customers of all sizes are considering adopting services that cut costs, elevate business communication and retire telephony infrastructure. With all the preliminary investment & management handled in the cloud and by the service provider, Cloud PBX provides robust features, unmatched flexibility and high quality one on one & Conference voice calls.

NeWay Technologies service state of mind for business continuity and flawless operations for the business & IT units is based on People, Process, and Technology. Without significant investment in all these areas it is practically inevitable to maintain & upscale the quality of service provided to the end-customer.

Our mission includes providing best-in-class operation services for rapidly changing technology needs, based on high levels of economies of scale, which improve quality and network availability while driving down costs. We are the right solution where customers need fault count down and skills at the needed proficiency level.

Our offer includes the use of Microsoft Teams Office 365 product & Neway’s managed service solution operations & support center.

The free POC is for up to 5 users.