Analytics-in-Action: 1-Day Assessment

OmniData Insights

The Analytics-in-Action workshop helps organizations achieve success with data! Get a checkpoint for your current analytics environment and build an actionable roadmap to success!

What is it? OmniData's Analytics-in-Action engagement gives you access to seasoned professionals with real world experience across the entire Power BI, Azure Synapse and other services in the Microsoft analytics suite. The team conducts a review of your existing analytics and reporting environment and engages business to frame the impact of next generation analytics as it applies to your organization. The findings are then distilled into a actionable roadmap that will help you achieve success with data.

Why do it? Why expose your organization to technology risk, unexpected implementation costs, and unknown time to value? Leveraging OmniData's field experience in analytics and data architecture to build an actionable analytics roadmap. The Analytics-in-Action engagement is FREE of cost and gives you access to highly skilled OmniData consultants that can assess your organization and your readiness, while conducting a high-level environment review. This will help you identify your greatest opportunities, assess the gaps and obstacles and map out the fastest path to success and an end-to-end analytics view in your organization.

How does it work? Analytics-in-Action helps you frame the value of analytics, specific to your organization and provide the most efficient roadmap to success.

Analytics Environment Review: This review examines the current analytics landscape in your organization.

Analytics Envisioning Session: This is an interactive session with decision makes in your organization to showcase the value of analytics in a simple and powerful way.

Analytics Roadmap: The roadmap provides you with a checkpoint for your current analytics environment and tangible next steps for your organization to enable analytics in Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics.