Poly User Migration for Microsoft Teams: 3-week WS


Leverages Microsoft Office 365 framework to migrate users from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, or enable the Microsoft Teams phone system with direct routing and optional audio conferencing.

For up to 100 users. Additional users on quote.

In the initial planning phase, Microsoft-certified Poly experts will help outline an adoption strategy based on your defined key use cases, sites, success criteria, roles, responsibilities, schedule, and project baseline. Once completed, you’ll attend the Envisioning Workshop, focused on use cases and adoption planning. You’ll examine endpoint capabilities in relation to your network prerequisites, determine the prioritization of each use case, and use Microsoft Office 365 Service Adoption Framework resources to create user training and awareness plans.

The Infrastructure Readiness Workshop is designed to ensure your components are fit to support the project. As part of these activities, you’ll learn how to apply best practices when using Microsoft Teams’ Network Planner. The final phase is the Architecture and Design Workshop where you will review your phone system and Microsoft Islands scenarios, the implementation process, hardware and software prerequisites, existing PBX/telephony topology, voicemail capabilities, licensing, geographical coverage, and your finalized transition strategy.

Week 1 Agenda

  1. Project Kick-off Meeting
  2. Envisioning Workshop – focused on Use Cases and Adoption Planning

Week 2 Agenda

  1. Infrastructure Readiness Workshop
  2. Network Readiness Assessment Essentials

Week 3 Agenda

  1. Plan Architecture and Design of the Solution

Planning Deliverables

  1. Project kickoff meeting
  2. Planning workshop session(s)
  3. Environment remediation plan, if required
  4. Updated architecture diagram
  5. Updated production toolkit
  6. Migration and adoption plan
  7. All provisioning and prerequisite activities completed

Delivery Activities

  1. Implement Direct Routing
  2. Migrate Users to Phone System and Audio Conferencing