Tableau to Power BI Migration: 1-Day Assessment

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Roadmap migration of your Tableau dashboards and infrastructure to Power BI

In this 1-day assessment Pomerol will create a roadmap for migrating you from your existing Tableau platform to Power BI. We will review your current Tableau implementation and plan the process for moving it across to Power BI.

Our assessment will include:

  • Cost savings attainable by converting to Power BI
  • How Power BI can be used to drive adoption of your data analytics tools
  • How to leverage the entire Microsoft data stack and which other tools to take advantage of

Our consultants are experts in Tableau, we have worked with Tableau for over 10 years and still deliver BI solutions with it today. We understand how to translate what works well in Tableau into what works well in Power BI.

It is important when engaging on a migration exercise to not just replicate what you have but to enhance it, we will partner with you to maximise your return-on-investment and the value the BI solutions bring to your business.


  • Review of existing Tableau set up
  • Data discovery session
  • Assessment of business challenges
  • Identify solution approach

The assessment will be conducted by a senior consultant in-person at your business


Following the assessment, we will send you a proposal detailing a full migration strategy that includes:

  • Plan for migrating to Power BI
  • Cost evaluation of both using Power BI and the migration exercise
  • Recommendations for making the most of the Power Platform and Azure
  • Identification of any opportunities to increase business value
  • Analysis of feature gaps or necessary workarounds