Power Apps Hackathon : 1 Day Training Workshop

Pragmatic Works Training, Inc

During the Power Apps Hackathon participants will be guided by a subject matter expert in applying Microsoft Power Apps to their own specific use case. Make it real!

The 1 Day Power Apps Hackathon is a Pragmatic Works Subject Matter Expert led session intended for up to 10 particpants from an organization. The tailored experience allows for the participant group to determine 1 ideal use case for which the hackathon lead from Pragmatic Works will focus on helping the group to develop their own Power App solution in order to address the use case/challenge they've identified. The purpose is for participants to get hands experience creating with Microsoft Power Apps while collaborating to develop the foundation for an app that in time address real business challenges.

Benefits • Empower your team to take charge of solving their own challenges. • Get hands on experience with minimal time and financial investment. • Determine the use case and data to apply Power Apps toward in order to realize actual benefits. • Conclude with documentation of your team and recommendations for team members to continue evolving the solution.


  1. How can we ensure the success of a Hackathon? The success of any Hackathons are heavily dependent on the preparation of the Customer. Any requirements, data access, and queries to sourcesystems should be prepared prior to the start of the engagement. Any technical requirementsfor development work should be intentionally planned small to give the best opportunity to complete during the engagement.

  2. Will the end solution be production ready? Any example solutions developed during the Hackathon should be considered a proof of concept (POC) and not “production ready” at the end of the training engagement.

  3. How many people can we have in the Hackathon? There is a limit of 10 attendees per session to ensure each participant is able to fully reach their potential and receive appropriate individual attention.

  4. What types of technologies would be ideal for a Hackathon? Power Apps, Power BI, Azure Data Services, SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, and Power Automate

  5. How long is a Hackathon? 1 day (can scope additional days depending on size of customer use case)