SSRS to Power BI Converter: 6 Weeks Assessment & Conversion

Prelude Systems Inc

Streamlined SSRS to Power BI Conversion: Simplify Your Reporting Journey

Simplify and streamline your migration from SSRS to Power BI with our user-friendly converter tool. Our Accelerator can effortlessly migrate thousands of SSRS reports to Power BI with just one click, reducing effort by 70-80% and resulting in significant cost savings (optimized analysis).

Key Highlights:

  • Drilldown Reports, Drilldown Sub Reports, and Drill-through Sub Reports can be migrated.
  • Easy navigation to the Power BI workspace.
  • User-friendly interface for a smooth migration experience.
  • Detailed migration results provided in Excel format.
  • Well-formatted reports that can be readily converted to PDF.

Please note that the duration and cost of your project will depend on the following factors:

  1. The number of SSRS reports to be converted to Power BI.
  2. Testing of the reports converted through the Accelerator, using automated or semi-automated methods.
  3. Manual conversion of SSRS reports that may require special attention due to unsupported features. Our RDL Metadata extraction process expedites this conversion.

Users can navigate directly to the Power BI workspace where the migrated reports will be located. No software prerequisites are required, as you won't need to download any source code or Power BI installer.

The cost provided is a one-time cost and up to 60 reports conversion (which are compatible with Power BI UI components and incurs low/medium complexity reports).