Microsoft 365 Managed Service (EE): 4wk Implement


Elastic Engineering for Microsoft 365: On-demand access to a team of email and productivity application experts that work with you to drive outcomes and continuously evolve your environment.

It is no longer enough to just maintain your legacy email and productivity application. Today, businesses are under pressure to use modern applications and cloud technologies like Microsoft 365 email and productivity solutions to solve strategic problems, create market differentiation, build new revenue streams and decrease costs.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering, managed services for Microsoft 365 provides you with direct access to a multidisciplinary pod. Your pod includes an engagement manager and lead application engineer, along with access to application[1]focused engineers who assist across the email and productivity solutions such as Data Loss Prevention, Cloud App Security, and Identity Protection.  All these experts work as an extension of your team to shape your outcomes as you evolve with modern applications in a multicloud world.

Typical first 4-week implementation plan

  • Week 1: Planning
    • Review business and technical requirements
    • Review Readiness Assessment and recommendations
    • Begin backlog creation
      • Prioritize Red/Amber/Green recommendations
      • Prioritize ongoing innovation
  • Week 2: Management design
    • Roadmap and strategy
    • Design guidance
    • Business process improvements
    • Application enhancements
    • Adoption and change management
    • Application security and compliance
  • Week 3-4: Implementation configuration

 Deliverable that transitions you to ongoing Elastic Engineering with the following benefits:

  • Dedicated POD of resource
  • “Do-with” approach up-leveling team skills
  • Flexible, tiered pricing
  • Multi-faceted skill sets
  • Access to Rackspace Accelerators

Take the next step toward digital transformation with Elastic Engineering for Microsoft 365.