Microsoft 365: 30-Day Implementation

Reply Ltd

With our Modern Work consulting and implementation services you can ensure your organisation is getting the most from Microsoft 365.

Digital environments support the future direction of working, with focus now on people, with collaboration, intelligence, creativity, and flexible mobility being the key themes driving this change. An effective, well implemented digital workplace allows your team to work as productively as in any physical workspace.

Platforms like Microsoft 365 and Power Platform are revolutionising workplaces worldwide; providing employees with the ability to work from almost anywhere, whilst still being able to collaborate with teams, across geographies, in real time. This ease of communication and collaboration, ensures employees are able to access the right information and resources easily at any point anytime, anywhere.

At WM Reply we understand that no company is the same and so no digital workplace will be the same. With our Modern Work consulting you can ensure your organisation is enjoying and exploiting these tools to the fullest. We have a range of services and skills from custom development to creative adoption campaigns.

We take the time to understand your business and employee pain points so we can provide solutions that engage with employees, are easy to manage, and provide a great user experience; allowing you to reap all of the rewards associated with the digital workplace.

The following is a list of deliverables we can customise during your bespoke implementation. Duration and cost are both dependant on what you require for your business. Example shown 30 Days.

Discovery Envisioning workshops Focus group Employee surveys Usage analytics review Stakeholder session Personas ADKAR Change assessment Technical readiness M365 Governance review High and Low-level technical designs Migration plan Delivery M365 Build Intranets Power Platform Governance M365 apps Power Platform apps Teams’ customisations Communications Training Change management Creative concepts Migrations Scripting Custom development Sponsor / stakeholder briefings M365 configuration Testing Support