Viva Readiness: 4-Wk Assessment

Reply Ltd

A four week-plus program of in-depth activities to help get organisations and people fully ‘Viva Ready’ and ensure long-term adoption.

Let WM Reply enable your organisation to be ready for Microsoft Viva with a choice of three assessment packages to fit your needs and budgets: Bronze, Silver and Platinum. Choose an option between 23 and 45 days to guide you through everything you will need to consider in readiness for Microsoft Viva, and showcase the business value to your stakeholders.

Our Viva Readiness Assessment is an evaluation of your Microsoft 365 environment to determine the applicability of Viva for your business, and to estimate the timeline of its implementation. Our agenda covers the following deliverables and outcomes: -Kick off and envisioning -Stakeholder engagement and business focus groups -Technical Assessment Interviews -Business Personas -A personalised roadmap, report and recommendations

If required, take a more in-depth look at Technical Readiness and undertake a full review of the existing environment to establish how 'Viva ready' the Microsoft 365 tenant is. This will be a gap analysis of the what needs to happen. We can also offer a deeper dive into Adoption and Change Management for Viva, to really help ensure long-term adoption and success, to understand the existing and conflicting networks that already exist in the organisation and how to best have a Viva network of champions across the organisation.

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