Workplace Analytics: 4-Week Assessment

Rightpoint Consulting, LLC

A hands-on analysis of Client’s Workplace Analytics data to summarize findings and identify and prioritize opportunity areas for further deep dives.

Organizations need to understand employee behavior, identify those at risk for burnout and act intentionally to create a positive Employee Experience– especially in times of crisis.

Rightpoint is a Preferred Microsoft Knowledge & Insights Partner, supporting Workplace Analytics and Project Cortex. We are offering a hands-on Workplace Collaboration Assessment that will cover three common business outcomes:

  1. Discover your organization's collaboration patterns: Meeting Culture, Manager Effectiveness, Employee Engagement
  2. Get analyses and actionable insights across 3 common KPIs
  3. Identify the biggest opportunity areas, and how to tackle them

Timeline Week 1: • Mailbox Data Processing • Gathering relevant organizational context via 1-2 executive interviews and 1-2 business-owner workshops.

Week 2: • Guiding the Customer in gathering relevant organizational data to be included in the Workplace Analytics platform for analysis.

Week 3: • Performing analysis using the Workplace Analytics platform and functionality.

Week 4: • Compile analysis, presenting readouts to Customer executives and helping formulate solutions, action plans, and next steps. • Provide Analyst Essentials - WpA 2-Day Training Workshop for Customer Analysts. (Optional)

Final engagement cost is based on number of hours billed during the Assessment.