SharePoint Premium Readiness Assessment & Roadmap - 5 Week Assessment


Evaluate and ensure your readiness for implementing SharePoint Premium, considering technical, business case, data lifecycle, and administration perspectives.

Objective: Prepare and assess your readiness to roll out SharePoint Premium from a technical, business case, data lifecycle, and administration point of view.

Activities to be completed:

SharePoint Premium: Unlocking Business Potential

  • Conduct exploratory workshops to discover SharePoint Premium’s impact on your organization, addressing business benefits and use cases.
  • Provide education on SharePoint Premium’s experiences, processing, and governance areas.
  • Provide SharePoint Premium exploratory workshops to showcase how it enhances data capture, data creation, data governance and adds value for your organization and users.
  • Review the licensing and technical perquisites for utilizing SharePoint Premium.
  • Identify the impacts SharePoint Premium can have when preparing for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Organizational Readiness

  • Utilize design thinking sessions to identify and document business use cases that can evolve with SharePoint Premium.
  • Conduct a content services questionnaire to catalog use cases and processes.
  • Identify and review existing content storage locations and primary file types used.
  • Review current data lifecycle, and document management processes to identify areas for evolution.
  • Collaboratively identify current business use cases, processes, and patterns.
  • Translate captured use cases into SharePoint Premium scenarios.


  • Create a technical roadmap outlining SharePoint Premium initiatives and projects.
  • Map SharePoint Premium scenarios to business use cases and visualize across a timeline to create an adoption and implementation roadmap.
  • Ensure roadmap fits the short- and long-term goals of your organization.
  • Discuss roadmap and findings with project and business stakeholders to build buy-in.


1.1 Readiness Assessment Kickoff & Knowledge Building

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Three exploratory workshops of SharePoint Premium

1.2 Identification of Client Business Scenarios for SharePoint Premium

  • Two design thinking workshops
  • Documented business scenarios for SharePoint Premium

1.3 SharePoint Premium Roadmap

  • Consolidate the results of the questionnaire, the discussions of the workshops, and the documented business use cases to develop a SharePoint Premium Roadmap
  • Review the Roadmap with stakeholders to gain buy-in for SharePoint Premium functionality.