G Suite Migration: 2-Week Implementation

Rojoli Technologies, LLC

SMB's who want to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365, Rojoli Services will create and implement a customized migration plan. Applications migrated include: Mailboxes, Google Drive, & Google Groups.

Since 2008, we have worked with customers from across the United States, from every industry and every size. When you work with Rojoli Services, we will tailor your migration to fit your needs. Our pricing is custom for each engagement.

Many companies want to migrate G Suite to Microsoft 365 as Microsoft 365 provides a robust collaboration platform, centralized management, and enterprise-grade security options. Microsoft 365 also provides synchronization between its offline and online applications. Microsoft 365 plans are much more flexible and user friendly because of their variety.

Rojoli Services has extensive experience migrating SMB's from G Suite to Microsoft 365. To make the whole process go smoothly, we utilize migration tools to managed the migration process.

Rojoli Services customized migration process includes the following:

  1. Migration Planning - Our team will work through all of the details with you Questions we will ask include: a. How many users will you be migrating? b. How is your data distributed? c. How much total data is moving? d. How many files are moving? e. Are there any files of unusual size? f. Who is on the migration management team? g. Who are the stakeholders and points of contact?

  2. Version Upgrade Planning

  3. Pre-Migration Cleanup

  4. Infrastructure Planning & Prep

  5. Move Your Email and Files Migrated items include: a. Mailboxes - emails, labels, contacts, contact groups, calendars, meetings, recurring meetings and tasks b. Primary and additional calendars c. Permissions and delegations on calendars d. Rooms and resources e. Litigation hold folders f. Google Groups g. Google Drives are migrated to OneDrive and/or SharePoint online libraries

  6. Connect Your Domain & E-mails

  7. Cancel G Suite (and keep your domain)

  8. Set-up Devices and Teams

  9. Review deliverables with client