Power BI Governance: 1-Day Workshop

Slalom Consulting

This workshop provides guidance and best practices for the governance and management of Power BI across the enterprise.

Without governance, analytics can grow in an organic fashion leading to redundancy, wasted resources, and a long-term inability to navigate authored content. This workshop addresses the problem of organic growth with a focus on people and process in addition to technology. We will lead your team through the evaluation and discovery of the governance framework.

Governance framework: Five pillars

Team and User Onboarding

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • License Management
  • Workspace Design
  • Onboarding Process

Team Operations

  • Product & Tech Support
  • Training & Style Guide
  • Knowledge Management
  • Meeting Execution

Content Management

  • Report UAT Process
  • Business Case Approval
  • Report Development Lifecycle

Promotion Process

  • Report Certification
  • Data Source Sanctioning
  • Metric Standardization


  • Garbage Collection
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Upgrades

In addition to providing guidance and best practices, an objective of this workshop is to learn the specifics of your organization’s analytics ecosystem. We will help you identify the right personnel and business processes to achieve an efficient, flexible, and scalable culture of analytics. Partner with Slalom to meet your business objectives.