Licence and Services Agreement - 1 Day Assessment

SPAN d.d.

Span's 1- Day Assessment provides an actionable roadmap that aligns business opportunities and challenges with IT goals. Driving intent to deploy or further adopt Microsoft 365 through workshops.

Span and Microsoft are jointly engaging with you in a consultative manner on the topic of new or to-be-renewed license agreement regarding Microsoft 365. We are assessing business needs and opportunity of new services to be acquired and adopted by you, helping you identify the right profiles and suggest the most appropriate SKU plans to realize value of cloud subscriptions. Result of the engagement is the agreement that best fits the customer needs. With 1 Day Assessment you will gain the benefits of utilizing best-fit Microsoft 365 cloud services depending on your specific needs at best-fit price.

Scope Of Work: -Licensing Assessment -Compliance check -User Profiling -Current and future user count assessment -Document Preparation: specification, bill of material – several options for customer’s consideration -Licensing program choice

Knowledge transfer: -Microsoft 365 cloud services Licensing workshop -User profiling workshop