Stay Connected Security Workshop- 3 hours

SyCom Technologies

Allow SyCom to provide a Security Workshop for your organization to help understand your security compliance. This engagement will come with a WB session with Security Consultant and cost analysis.

Microsoft is a recognized leader in providing intelligent security tools to help your employees stay productive and secure, especially in remote working scenarios. Many of the security tools are built into the Microsoft licensing models that you already have. SyCom has developed a three-hour workshop to deliver a low-cost consultation session to help you understand the threat landscape, consider best practices, and plan for how to lower your risks. SyCom will also help you determine what tools you already have, which tools are active or may need to be turned on, and how the tools work in tandem with other security solutions you have in place. SyCom will also illustrate how Microsoft 365 can help to secure your environment, consolidate costs, and provide an efficient work environment for onsite and remote workers. Deliverables: A customized checklist of Microsoft tools to activate or deploy to guide you in next steps to further enhance your security posture.