Optimized SecOps leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Security

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A Next-Gen AI-Powered Security Solution for Enhanced Efficiency and Capabilities of defenders to improve security outcomes at machine speed and scale.

Optimized SecOps leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Security

A ready-to-use lab environment to help you explore and evaluate Microsoft Copilot for Security. Includes access to lab environment and HOL guide. [3-4 Hours]

By participating in this Hands-On-Lab, you will…

  • Gain a deep understanding of Microsoft Copilot for Security and its role in revolutionizing Sec Ops.

  • Learn how to swiftly respond to cybersecurity threats and assess risk exposure with machine speed.

  • Explore practical scenarios to analyze risks, incidents, and false positives using Copilot's Gen-AI technology.

  • Maximize Microsoft Copilot's potential by using its automation capabilities to execute multiple tasks (promptbooks) and send alerts to your SOC team based on Gen-AI analysis.

Hands-on-lab phases:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Copilot for Security

  • Hands-On-Lab Overview

  • Explore Scenarios (Up to two)

  • Maximize Copilot's Automation Capabilities

Additional information

  • This HOL is tailored for technical decision makers, and IT professionals interested in enhancing their SecOps capabilities.

  • Experience in managing Microsoft 365/Azure Security solutions for cybersecurity incident management scenarios.

  • Participants will have hands-on experience with real-world scenarios and practical exercises.

  • Technical support and guidance will be provided throughout the HOL session

Why choose Synergy Advisors?

Synergy Advisors, specializes in a wide range of technological solutions, from Microsoft 365 to Security, Compliance, Identity, Devices, Management, infrastructure, and productivity. They encompass critical areas such as design, change management, and operations of technologies. At Synergy Advisors, we not only provide consulting and managed services but also accompany you every step of the way on your journey to digital excellence across Microsoft products and our solutions (E-Suite), which amplify the power of your existing Microsoft 365 and Azure investments. We are dedicated to driving your digital transformation, creating a more secure and efficient collaborative infrastructure. How do we achieve this? Through a unique blend of consulting expertise and managed services, we focus on your specific needs, offering comprehensive solutions that address both your security concerns and regulatory requirements.

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