Vamosa Content Migration Service: 2 wk-assessment

T-Systems International

Consolidate, refine and migrate content from any source system to Office 365 Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 Teams or Microsoft OneDrive running on Microsoft Azure.

Vamosa migrates collaboration data, web content, documents or digital assets from any source to any target app and it can be used for analyzing, cleansing, enriching and validation of all types of content.

Vamosa Content Migration is a professional service for applications in an Azure environment.

Assessment - analysis and migration planning 2-Wk
Evaluate the current source data volume and quality to determine the potential for a migration project to move all data to the new target applications within Office 365. Overview and customer specific migration plan and strategy. In scope for the assessment result workshop and report will be the following elements:

  1. Strategy: consolidate, refine and migrate content from any source to Office 365 Sharepoint (Document Library, Site Collection, Folders), Microsoft 365 Teams, Microsoft OneDrive applications running on Microsoft Azure
  2. Application scope: Documents, web, intranet, social and collaboration systems´ data, archives and mail
  3. Potential for content application consolidation and change
  4. Content types: files, wiki content, structure, links, formatting, metadata, properties
  5. Migration phasing: Automated migration, Big Bang or iterative
  6. Delta Migrations: avoid content freeze and reach seemless shift from old to new applications
  7. All access/security attributes will be mapped in the target system
  8. Complete auditability: automatic logging of all processes

Potential follow-up: Migration project