Microsoft 365 Security Program - 10 Weeks


This engagement’s primary objective is to develop and rationalize Client's Security use cases and construct a roadmap around the adoption of the Microsoft 365 Security and Mobility Suite.

The Trace3 powered Microsoft 365 Security Program will derive a strategic set of recommendations and a curated deployment path to cater to your environment’s variables and configuration. The program will identify and discover areas of enhancement to align to Microsoft best practices and industry standards. Through a comprehensive review and assessment of your environment, Trace3 will work with you to develop custom objectives focused on your unique risk thresholds. As a part of this program, we will identify overlapping products that compete with the Microsoft EMS suite and give recommendations of either replace, augment, or integrate with your existing solutions.

The Microsoft 365 Security Program aims to take advantage of the numerous features within the Microsoft 365 E5 security suite and provides centralized administration, dashboarding, and investigation. By centralizing security across Azure Identity, SaaS applications, Corporate Data, and Employee Devices, you will reduce gaps and technology sprawl across your environment.

It can be difficult to align your cloud environment to meet compliance and regulatory frameworks. We assist by cross-walking EMS controls across industry compliance frameworks. We also put into place processes and workflows to make sure governance translates across your identities, devices, data, applications, and infrastructure.

The program is both consultative and tactical. Trace3 will provide a team consisting of engineers, architects, project managers, and program managers to facilitate design, co-ordination, alignment with stakeholders ,and ultimately deliver configured and documented environments. The program focuses on operationalizing security within the enterprise, using crawl/walk/run tactics measuring feature impact to the userbase and implementation complexity.