FRAS – Financial Reporting and Analytical System - 3Wk Proof of Concept

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

FRAS seamlessly gives control over the analytics on Portfolio, Securities & Issuer data

FRAS is a streamlined reporting Power BI solution allows Portfolio managers to summarize the current and past performance with respect to market value, portfolio handling, securities holding, and issuer analysis. It eases out portfolio managers the dependency on functional reports from IT team, for analyzing the trade and asset allocations. Our solution along with Power BI helps portfolio managers to truncate the turnaround time in generating IT reports and focus more on investing decisions.

Asset management firms switching to FRAS from less interactive reporting tool will see a better work engagement with more significant improvement in their reporting process. Some of the insightful Power BI reports present at the current dashboard are detailed below, while it has an abundant scope of customization, expansion and even there is a possibility for a near real-time triggers to refresh.

Some of the insights from our FRAS reports are:

• Market value trend analytics - Report displaying market value analytics on different basic parameters like Assets classes, Industry type, Portfolio and Sector composition are displayed over year to year

• Position Analytics - Report gives insight on total holding positions with respect to different portfolio and security

• Portfolio Analytics - Report gives insight on portfolio performance with benchmark data over period and market value contribution of each securities for each portfolio

• Security Analytics - Report gives insight on region wise security contribution (CUSIP wise) on different asset classes and Industry type

• Security Rating Analytics - Report classify the top rating changes on holding securities and their current vs past rating are displayed

• Issuer Analytics - Report gives insight on Issuer report on market value, price of shares issued and portfolio positions