Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools: 3-Week Proof of Concept

Valeo Networks Inc.

Valeo Networks provides expert, full-service consulting for Microsoft 365 proof of concept to successfully prepare business operations for a secure, streamlined, and collaborative digital workplace.

Valeo Networks collaborates closely with each of our clients to understand their business goals and make their lives easier. We provide expertise and capabilities in Microsoft 365 tenants and cloud environments for small and midmarket organizations. Our Teamwork Deployment Proof of Concept includes a full evaluation of the client’s IT environment and limited-scope implementation to determine how the applicable solutions will streamline business operations, enhance collaboration, and fit into existing processes and budget.

Whether you are back in the office or have moved to a fully remote or hybrid workplace, we provide the information and resources your business needs to drive communication, creativity, flexibility, productivity, ease-of-use, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization.

Typical Proof of Concept and Deliverables Include:

  • Initiation: Kickoff meeting to identify business needs and project requirements
  • Evaluation: Assess configuration requirements, existing infrastructure/toolset, and operational readiness
  • Execution: Testing, measurement, and confirmation of technical concept
  • Closing: Closeout meeting to provide documentation of findings, recommendations, and estimate of project costs/timeframe for full implementation

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*The listed timeframe and cost are an estimate only and can vary depending on the business requirements, scope of work, user count, tools and licensing, and size of the environment. Contact us for a customized quote for your organization.