RPA Migration to Power Automate: 2-Wk Assessment & Planning


Perform a comprehensive assessment of your current Robotic Process Automation (RPA) estate and plan its migration to Power Automate Desktop

Velrada have a flexible engagement to perform an assessment of your current RPA estate that may be within UIPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blueprism. Your stakeholders will engage with Velrada through a combination of workshops, analysis tools and strategy blueprints. We have a team of Microsoft certified Intelligent Automation experts that are keen to support your business through refining your RPA Automation strategy, crafting a migration roadmap to Power Automate Desktop, and improving your understanding of the technology.

Our key activities & deliverables: 1) Revisit your Automation Strategy 2) Assess your RPA Automation Estate 3) Upskill your Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) 4) Assess the utilisation of Migration Tools 5) Plan Migration Roadmap

This engagement does not perform the migration, however, the migration roadmap plan will deliver an insight into how the estate can be migrated to Power Automate Desktop. You might also find that we challenge whether some solutions should be migrated as RPA - we are confident in recommending other Power Platform avenues that might be more appropriate.