Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate Developers (XREDM)


XREDM - XPLUS Real Estate Development Management - an industry cloud based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 dedicated to the real estate developers

XPLUS REDM offers a comprehensive solution for the real estate development industry. Our product suite, based on standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management application modules such as Project Management and Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Cash and Bank Management, can be added to both cloud and on-premises versions.

Our dedicated solution for the real estate development industry can be integrated with your existing CRM to manage customer contracts, reservations, and payment schedules. Alternatively, it can be implemented comprehensively using our vertical products and Microsoft application family.

The solution provides control over project management and budgets, purchasing with subcontractor and warranty control, finance and controlling with product pricing and cost allocation, bank flow with individual current and trust accounts, and cash flow management.

The solution covers all complex business processes for the industry and can be used to complement standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM modules. The graphic below displays the processes we enable for the real estate development industry using our products or standard modules (in blue).

COVERED PROCESSES • Project management and budgeting • Handling purchase agreements and acceptance protocols • Cashflow • Product estimation and valuation
• Cost allocation models between projects • Management of cost reserves


By making use of the features offered by XREDM, managers and team leaders can achieve a greater level of control over the progress of work, financial operations, and the status of various phases. Moreover, XREDM enables the optimization of processes, analysis of performance and productivity, monitoring of inventory, and collaboration with third parties, thus helping to make informed business decisions.


  • Obtain current budget control and status monitoring of investments.
  • Implement an early warning system to identify contract problems.
  • Comparative analysis of sales plan with status.
  • Streamline and optimize business processes.
  • Use reliable data sources with information about all business activity.
  • Standardize working methods.
  • Control over contractors and subcontractors.
  • Analysis of efficiency and factors affecting it.
  • Simulation of planned actions.
  • Managerial dashboards with KPIs, ROI, etc.
  • Compare investments and draw conclusions.
  • Maximize control over margin and share costs.
  • Standardize work methods for contract projects.
  • Analyze individual projects and their groups.
  • Learn from the past with a common investment database.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of individual contracts.

FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Increase company efficiency above average. Optimize operations, decrease costs. Increase efficiency in contracts, sales, and marketing. Obtain access to contracts, track changes. Adapt to market trends. Use real-time monitoring of work related to contracts. Get real-time information on shared infrastructure costs. Access all contract data from planning to settlements. Increase profit margins by better controlling costs. Access all contract data electronically.


  • Customer preference collection mechanism.
  • Access to complete and up-to-date customer data (contact history, materials sent, sales process progress, quantity and value of sold units).
  • Apartment reservation management and easy access to unit parameters (type, size, finishing, etc.).
  • Contract generation with payment schedules.
  • Access to base, minimum, and negotiated prices with the ability to generate and version price lists.
  • Automation of contract preparation and settlement processes.
  • Integrated information on all customer-related activities and notifications of upcoming tasks (phone, email, meetings, etc.).
  • Creation and supervision of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs with consistent evaluation of their implementation.
  • Budgeting and planning of marketing campaigns with performance analysis.


  • Online banking for individual current and trust accounts.
  • Handling and control of guarantee deposits.
  • Automatic calculation of financial cost reserves.
  • Full support for valuation of products (apartments, properties) using industry-specific algorithms.
  • Automated notification system for payment deadlines, overdue payments, reminders, and interest calculation.
  • Automated cost and profitability settlement from apartment reservation to completion of the entire project.
  • Analysis and control of operational costs.
  • Aging of receivables and payables.
  • Consolidation and reporting to the stock exchange.
  • Electronic document flow.
  • Cash flow management and forecasting of inflows and outflows.