COSMO Advanced Manufacturing Suite

Cosmo Consult

Additional apps integrated in our industry solution for discrete, process and project manufacturing

COSMO Advanced Manufacturing Suite will integrate COSMO Advanced Manufacturing Pack with other COSMO Apps. The current version of COSMO Advanced Manufacturing includes the integration to COSMO Quality Assurance, COSMO Text Module and COSMO Document Management System.

COSMO Advanced Manufacturing Suite allows you to provide and manage quality testing requirements for your business. For instance, this add-on performs incoming goods inspections, manufacturing inspection and others within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Integrating quality assurance into business results in consistently applied quality processes across the enterprise.

With COSMO Text Module you can use the extended text management for manufacturing purposes like articles, routings, BOMs etc. You can

  • format text lines 
  • output text modules on documents and reports 
  • control the printing of individual text lines depending on the document type centrally or 
  • control texts as pop-up messages to provide users with situation-specific information.

The integration of COSMO Document Management System allows you to have all

  • Fast retrieval of process-related documents
  • Mobile access and access from multiple locations
  • History management/versioning
  • Automatic notification of changes to documents
  • Joint editing and sharing of documents
  • Rapid launch times thanks to SharePoint integration

Supported Editions

This app supports the Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States, Australia and New Zealand

Supported Languages

The app is available in German (Austria), German (Germany), German (Switzerland), English (Australia), English (New Zealand) and English (United States).