Engineering Change Management - ECM, ECR, ECN

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A complete solution for Engineering Change Management - ECM, ECR, ECN, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Engineering change management provides structure and discipline to the product data management process, which allows products to be defined, released, and revised under control. It enables you to plan and manage product versioning and engineering changes.

An engineering change request is a document that describes an identified problem or recommended enhancement for a product. The ECR is utilized to keep track of the discussion surrounding the issue, identify the affected parts, documents, process area and assess the impact of the necessary changes.

An engineering change notice may be issued in response to an approved change request, which authorizes the work needed to implement the change. ECN may be issued without reference to a change request. It includes a list of affected parts and revisions to accommodate the changes.

Production flow of documents is a feature related to attaching drawing and documents such as SOP, test plan, instructions, specifications, datasheets, etc. to the item card, BOM, routing, and version card. The production order displays these attached documents, which may require reference during production.


Engineering Change Request:

ECR includes identified problems, suggested recommendations, estimated time limits, transactions, processes, areas, and parts/products that may be affected, cost impact, and risk factors.

ECR also includes category, priority, severity, reference source type and transaction no., originator like, customer, vendor, internal staff, form a team of stakeholders/participants. A flag is included to indicate that customer approval is necessary before making any changes.

Integrate ECR with Routing and its versions to track changes recommended in the manufacturing process.

ECR document can also be utilized independently without ECN stage as Manufacturing change request (MCR), Document change request (DCR), Correction action request (CAR), Field failure request (FFR), Supplier corrective action request (SCAR).

Engineering Change Note:

By using ECN, you can manage Production BOM through version control, Assembly BOM and Item changes through variant control.

ECN simulates cost impact due to change in component and related process / operation before actual changes in BOM.

ECN allows users to add, modify and delete any item in the Production BOM and control its versions.

The user has the option to create a new version of the production BOM or update the current one.

ECN allows users to add, modify and delete any item and resource in the Assembly BOM.

ECN allows for the creation of new item variants and the blocking of previously created variants.

Access ECN history that has been applied or not applied in the Item card, Assembly BOM, Production BOM and its version card, as well as in all types of Production orders.

Monitor the open transactions that may be impacted by ECN changes, such as Purchase orders, Sales orders, Service orders, Jobs, Transfer orders, and current inventory of Item - variant under ECN.

Apply ECN to Production orders:

Production orders will be modified to reflect changes in the product's BOM and components within ECN. It will be updated in ongoing Planned, Firm planned and Released production order by validation process.

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