Use Agrio Software if you are trading and processing agricultural goods like fruit and vegetables

AGRIO Software is the total solution for companies which trade and processes potatoes, onions and full-grain vegetables. AGRIO Software is based on Microsoft Dynamics and offers a solid / reliable solution in the cloud. Our team, with years of experience in this branche, has merged the knowledge in one new system. Every day your administration becomes easier and faster.

AGRIO Software offers you the following solutions;

  • Realtime overview in your positions
  • Calculations based on grading and quality
  • Creating export documents
  • A portal for your growers and consumers to log on
  • Apps for your workers outdoor
  • Visual planning for your production department


All the data collected by us or our growers in the field, will be stored in AGRIO Software. Even the development of new varieties.


In AGRIO Software we can plan the complete transport. Directly from grower to consumer, or through our own stocklocations. Tracing of a lot has never been easier.


All grading- and quality data from our lab is connected to the log in AGRIO Software. We can see the info directly on the screens in our production. This is great!


The time we spent on our administration has been decreased. The whole season is secure in AGRIO Software. We have a realtime overview of our position.

Microsoft Dynamics

AGRIO Software is an extension available in AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Standard software on the Microsoft stack gives you access to the Microsoft 365 platform. Get the standard, go for AGRIO Software on Microsoft.