Bin Content Per Tracking

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Bin Content Per Tracking

Unlock the power of in-depth inventory insights with our Detailed Bin Content module!

1. Module Description:

Visualize inventory levels per item and variant, detailed by location. Go beyond standard functionality, breaking down the item inventory by Lot No., Serial No., and/or Parcel No. based on item tracking.

2. Setup:

2.1. Activation:

Activate by setting "Manage detailed location content" in Inventory Setup to TRUE. Enable detailed records for location content with tracking for each warehouse movement entry.

2.2. Historical Data Recovery:

Retrieve historical data with the "Fill Detailed Bin Content" report in Warehouse Setup. Ideal for businesses with existing warehouse movements in Business Central.

3. Features:

- Automatically checks Detailed Bin Content for existing records when a positive warehouse movement is recorded.

- Updates detail table based on Item No., Variant Code, Location Code, Bin Code, Serial No., Lot No., and Parcel No.

- Quantity (Base) field shows the sum of warehouse movements for that item-location-tracking combination.

- Navigate through movements using Quantity (Base).

- Reset Quantity (Base) and delete Detailed Bin Content row when inventory becomes zero. Optionally set the "Fixed" field to retain rows with zero quantity.

4. View Detailed Bin Content:

Open the list from the menu or item master data, displaying all Locations-Bin-Tracking where the selected item is stocked.

Unleash unparalleled visibility into your inventory management. Elevate your operations with Detailed Bin Content!

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries:

All countries where Microsoft Dynamis 365 Business Central is available

Supported Languages: