RSM Warehouse Fulfillment Management Bundle

作者 RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM has built additional key functionality to support Warehouse Fulfillment Management activities.

RSM understands the challenges and opportunities facing warehouse and fulfillment management companies, including managing shipping and receiving docks, handling product shortages, and more. In response, RSM provides clients with the RSM Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Fulfillment Management Bundle. This bundled solution includes the following key features:

    • Industry essentials is a collection of enhancements to standard Business Central to meet the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies. Key features include Fill and Cancel, Order Release Minimums, BOM and Routes by Location, and much more.
    • The freightFlow Integration is a two-way integration that includes contacts, orders, loads, and charge items. Orders from Business Central are passed to freightFlow, and when loads are created in freightFlow, they are passed back to Business Central. As the loads are delivered, the source documents in Business Central are shipped and/or received.
    • Dock Door Management allows for managing the shipping and/or receiving dock activities in a high-volume environment. Projected dock and direct driver availability are tracked to minimize truck wait times and reduce detention fees.
    • Sales Proration is designed to allow users to quickly view sales orders across multiple customers to determine how to detail with a shortage of product. Using a worksheet approach allows for viewing multiple sales orders at once to facilitate decisions regarding short deliveries, moving quantities to future delivery dates, item substitutions, and other decisions.
    • Barcode Management enables the creation of safety data sheets detailing a chemical product’s physical data, potential hazards, handling, and required safety precautions. Additionally, this solution enables the creation and printing of many different types of labels, such as pallet, item, receipt, and container labels.

All this functionality is bundled to present an effective starter solution for Warehouse Fulfillment Management companies. Several additional accelerators are available separately.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Premium Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Canada, Mexico and United States

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States).