SylogistMission ERP

作者 Sylogist- LTD.

Most trusted, comprehensive ERP for Nonprofit, NGO, and faith-based organizations for 30+ years.

Most trusted, comprehensive ERP for Nonprofit, NGO, and faith-based organizations.

Securing the success of your program deliveries and upholding responsible fund management practices are paramount for your organization's growth and sustainability. Managing program expenditures, grant applications, HR, and compliance reporting can be a daunting task. That's where SylogistMission ERP comes into play, offering a solution that can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and transparency.

SylogistMission ERP isn't just another software; it's a comprehensive cloud-based platform built on the reliable foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This award-winning solution is designed for the unique requirements of the Public Sector, catering to non-profit organizations, international NGOs, research institutes, tribal governments, and faith-based organizations.

What sets SylogistMission apart is its seamless integration of core functionality with sector-specific features. This unified approach eradicates data redundancy that often plagues organizations relying on disparate systems. The result? Improved visibility into financial performance, increased staff productivity, and a newfound sense of accountability and trust, extending from program managers to the CFO and all the way to your funding sources.

SylogistMission ERP includes:

  • Fund Accounting & Financial Management – Leveraging the robust accounting and financial management capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central, our solution goes beyond the standard features by incorporating specialized functionality for fiscal management and accountability, including robust fund accounting capabilities. This ensures that your organization can efficiently manage and report on the allocation and utilization of funds, providing transparency and compliance in all financial activities.
  • Award/Grant Management – Accurate, timely and compliant management of grants, cooperative agreements and supporting programs is essential for your operation. Automating these processes streamlines your paperwork burdens, allowing you to redirect your efforts towards securing future grants with greater efficiency and confidence.
  • Budget Management – Streamline your budgeting process and gain complete control over the entire budget lifecycle. This ensures your strategic plans are not only executed as intended but also within the allocated budget, keeping your organization's financial health in optimal shape.
  • Payroll & Human Resources – Payroll demands precision, efficiency, and punctuality, without exception. Tackle complex payroll and human resources challenges, such as fluctuating pay cycles, contractual variations, and specialized payroll calculations, with ease and accuracy, ensuring every payday is a seamless and reliable process.
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting – Elevate your decision-making process to new heights and accelerate your insights. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), effortlessly track actuals versus budget or estimates, delve into trends, and promptly address ad hoc inquiries. Dive into your data, categorized and organized by department, award or funder, date range, or any other criterion you require, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.
  • Deposits & Loans - Efficiently oversee banking operations and account deposits, providing comprehensive financial management services. This includes facilitating loans for capital projects and effectively managing micro-financing programs to empower your organization's financial endeavors.
  • Field Connect – Enable remote staff to enter simplified transactions with or without an internet connection.